Choir Final Exam

The choir final exam consists of an evaluation of two choral performances. During the final, students will be given a copy of the Large Group Performance Evaluation rubric, as linked below, and will critique and score the recorded performances as if they were an LGPE judge. There is no real way to study for this final, other than to have been an active participant in rehearsal throughout the semester. Each section of the rubric (tone, pitch, rhythm, ensemble, diction, interpretation, and other factors) must have three cohesive and coherent comments about the performances, with the exception of the other factors section which only requires one comment. Students may circle the plus/minus marks in each section, but that will not be considered a complete comment alone. Comments such as “the ensemble’s tone was good” are NOT sufficient quality. Listen deeply!

If you have any questions about the meaning of any of the terms on the rubric, I’ll answer them via email or Remind!


Winter Events & Enrichment Fees

This list includes details on all of our events for the remainder of the semester. TWO WEEKS LEFT!

  • Winter Extravaganza REHEARSAL – Monday Dec. 10th
    • Harrison Band room
    • Concert Choir: 3:40-4:30
    • Women’s Choir: 4:20-5:15
    • Harrison Singers: 5:05-6:00
    • Combined rehearsal with the band and orchestra in preparation for our Tuesday concert.
  • Winter Extravaganza – Tuesday Dec. 11th
    • Harrison Presidential Gym
    • $5 pre-paid tickets for sale during lunches on the 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th
    • $10 tickets at the door
    • Call times:
      • Harrison Singers: 3:45-4:30 in gym, with time to leave to get dinner, return by 6:30 dressed in orchestra room
      • Concert Choir: 5:45 in gym dressed
      • Women’s Choir: 6:15 in band room dressed
    • Art Gallery in the gym lobby from 6:30-7:00
    • Concert begins at 7:00
    • This concert will feature all levels of the musical ensembles at Harrison in combination. We’ll be performing a mix of well-known carols and holiday standards. The tickets are a fundraiser for the Harrison band, choir, and orchestra programs, and will be sold during all lunches on Dec. 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th. I HIGHLY recommend buying tickets in advance, as we usually sell out this concert. Due to the lack of parking at Harrison, we will be running a shuttle bus from Burnt Hickory from 6:00 to 7:00, as well as after the program.
  • Holiday Party – Saturday Dec. 15th
    • 5:30pm-10pm
    • 4137 Hidden Enclave Lane, Kennesaw GA 30152
    • Sign Up Genius: Click Here!
    • This is another optional event, but is super fun and will include an ugly Christmas sweater contest and holiday karaoke.
  • Secret Santa – during finals periods after testing is done
    • Students signed up to participate in Secret Santa this week. Gifts should be no more than $15 and brought to school by the 17th. This is also not required.

Finally, if students’ enrichment fees and uniform rental fees are not taken care of, please let me know how we should plan to proceed in covering that cost by the end of the semester. Many students have fundraising profits remaining that we can apply to those balances. We’ll be doing more fundraisers in the spring as well. The enrichment fees are an integral part of making the choir program at Harrison run smoothly, ensuring we have all of the resources we need to give students an incredible musical experience.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Coffeehouse Audition Results

Congrats to everyone who auditioned!

Griffin Ackerman

Princess Brigman

Fideliah Cherident

Owen Davis

Dallas Dickson & Griffin Ackerman

Natalie Drown

Ada Hutcheson & Griffin Ackerman

Lana Huynh

Madison Iacone

Evan Janiga

Brianna Labossiere

Dylan Mantell

Emma Martinez

Liam McGregor

Liam McGregor & Owen Davis

Gabi Mills

Angelina Pacitti

Zack Roshaven

Ethan Roshaven & Griffin Ackerman

Katie Schneider

Eva Stratigos

Fall Concert 2018 Details!

Date: Tuesday, October 2nd
Time: 7pm (student call time is 5:15pm – DRESSED IN CONCERT ATTIRE)
Location: Mount Paran Christian School – Murray Fine Arts Center

Directions (from Harrison)

  • Turn left out of the school parking lot down Due West
  • Turn right onto Stilesboro Road
  • Turn left onto Stanley Road
  • Enter the gated parking lot to your right
  • The Murray Fine Arts Center is straight ahead!

Concert Attire Specifics

All students should be wearing their concert attire (tux or dress). Men without bow ties and cummerbunds will receive them at the venue AND SHOULD RETURN THEM IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CONCERT. (:

Basses and Tenors:

  • Black dress shoes (not sneakers, not sandals, not cowboy boots… etc.)
  • Black socks
  • Hair should be comfortably out of your face

Sopranos and Altos:

  • Hair should be comfortably out of your face
  • Makeup is fine, but nothing too punk rock. (:
  • Jewelry maximums:
    • one silver or gold necklace hanging above the dress neckline – nothing huge or colorful
    • one ring on each hand, nothing huge or colorful
    • one bracelet on each wrist, nothing huge or colorful
  • Black dress shoes (not boots, not sneakers, not sandals, not moon shoes…)! If you wear heels, make sure you are 100% capable of walking in them comfortably and that they do not drastically alter the length of your dress